Bake Sale To Support Paramedics Who Died In Jupiter

Update, June 28, 2017: The Palm Beach Gardens Fire Rescue Explorers raised over $1700 in 2 hours!

They presented the monies to the families and were featured in the Palm Beach Post! Read the entire story HERE.

Today, June 19, 2017 the Palm Beach Gardens Fire Rescue Explorers

will be having a bake sale to support paramedics who died in Jupiter. Help them raise money and receive some tasty, homemade goods in return.

Lahiri Garcia, 51, and Paul Besaw, 36, medical technicians for American Medical Response, died in the crash, which took place at about 3 a.m. outside Colonial Plaza, in Jupiter. The first responder community came together in support of their families for the memorial service.

Now, the Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Explorers want to do more.

Stop by either Publix Super Market at Garden Square or Publix Super Market at Promenade Shopping Plaza this evening at 5:30PM and enjoy a good old fashioned bake sale!

Learn more about the Palm Beach Gardens Fire Rescue Explorers here.


The Chocolate Spectrum in Jupiter Florida

It’s almost Mother’s Day,

so I thought it would be the perfect time to introduce you all to a very hardworking, Jupiter Mom! Valerie Herskowitz is the owner of the Chocolate Spectrum in Jupiter Florida. She works very hard to help her son and others, with developmental disabilities, through chocolate. Read the interview below and get to know her and her mission.

Tell us a little about yourself

My name is Valerie Herskowitz and I am the owner and founder of The Chocolate Spectrum in Jupiter Florida, an artisan chocolate company and store. Our mission is to employ and  train adults with developmental disabilities. I’ve lived in South Florida my entire life (I will not tell you how many years that is!). I did have a brief two-year time where I lived in Massachusetts, but it was way too cold for a southern girl like myself. I have two children named Hunter and Blake. Hunter, it is a 27-year-old man who lives in Orlando, Florida. He is a behavior analyst and works in the autism field. Blake, is a chocolatier in our business. He is 26 and has severe autism. I also have two amazing step kids name Seth and Daniel. And a terrific little grandson named Samuel. And I’m also blessed with an amazing daughter-in-law name Poom. We don’t have nay pets. Blake, like many other individuals with autism, has allergies to all animals.

When did you start your business?

The Chocolate Spectrum started in 2013. Two forces in the universe came together. First one was the fact that my son Blake had absolutely nothing to do after high school. Although I looked for programs for him for two years before, I came up with nothing. Coincidentally, at the same time, I had gotten involved in pastry arts and chocolate making, as I had semi retired from my speech therapy practice. We started making pastries and chocolates for friends and family but soon the word got out and we developed an online business as well as a business selling at shows. Other young men and women with similar issues that my son had joined us in the kitchen and in the business. Eventually two of them were hired as employees. Then in the middle of 2016, we moved into our own brick and mortar shop in Jupiter Florida.

What are the major influences for your business? What made you choose chocolate?

As we are a social enterprise and the major influence of our business is our mission, which is to train individuals with autism. We do serve the rest of the community as we have training and classes for everyone as well as the opportunity for people to have parties at our shop. I picked chocolate, as I mentioned before, because it was just a coincidence and Blake seem to really enjoy working with it.

What do you find most challenging about running your own business?

This business presents many challenges, especially for an individual like myself who is older. Also I have many other responsibilities in my life such as teaching at the University, taking care of my father, and of course taking care of Blake. Therefore the biggest challenge I have is time, which I absolutely do not have enough of!

What is the most rewarding thing about running your company?

There are many rewarding factors about this business first of all, most importantly, my son, Blake, has a job six days a week. Without this business, he would be sitting at home watching TV. But it is also just as rewarding to be able to offer the same opportunities in the form of paid employment to the other individuals that work here as well as  recreational activities for many others who have autism and other related developmental disabilities.

Can you share a little bit with us about your involvement with Autism Community?

I have and continue to be extremely involved in the autism community. In 1999 My husband and I started a nonprofit called National Autism Registry. Through the years, we have offered many community activities for individuals with autism as well as for the family. My business itself is a community activity. I do not take a salary or any form of compensation and therefore it is also part of my community involvement.

What do you like to do on your days off?

I seriously do not have any days off yet, as this is a seven day a week business. If I do have a couple of hours on the weekend. I hope to share it with my family and to take care of my father who is quite elderly. I do hope as the years go on that I will get some time off, LOL.

What living person, other than family members, do you most admire?

I have two groups of individuals that I admire the first one is the D’Eri Family at Rising Tide Carwash down in Broward County. They are the individuals that started the ball rolling on employment options for adults with autism and they have been amazing mentors toward me. In addition, my dear friend Bonnie Schmidt, The founder of ScentsAbility Candles is also someone I admire greatly. She is doing a similar venture with candles also down in Broward.


Where can we find The Chocolate Spectrum online?

Our website at You can shop on our website at We’re also on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram.

Upcoming events:

Book a private party with us.
Make chocolate every Thursday 2-5.
Contact us about summer camp.


Thank you for sharing your story and your images, Valerie!

As always, thanks for reading the blog, friends! Please shop locally for Mother’s Day this year!

Don’t forget,

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Meet Local Artist Sarah LaPierre

If you live anywhere in Palm Beach County,

you have most likely seen my next guest featured in a number of local publications or at local events! She’s a very busy young woman, making the world a more colorful place, one painting at a time! I’m really excited about the opportunity to interview this super talented local! So, without further adieu, Meet Local Artist Sarah LaPierre!

Tell us about yourself:

Sarah LaPierre, born in Palm Beach Gardens FL circa 1991. Full time resident of South Florida, made a huge move all the way over to West Palm Beach a few years ago. I live there with my partner Michael, our 2 adorable ex-alley cats Dredd and Ditto, and our sweet American pit bull terrier Dex. Dex might possibly think he’s a cat too!

When did you start painting and was it always with a knife?

I’ve been creating in someway or another from early childhood. Since my dad was an artist, and his studio was in our home, the materials were always around. Creativity was very much encouraged.
I didn’t begin painting regularly till I was 18. At that time it was more experimental, exploring brush work across all sorts of genre with different textures and mediums.

Major influences:

My connection to my dad and his work remains the strongest influence in my own. I consider my style the next generation of his. In that, it’s a combination of both history and future, with techniques learned from pop as well as new methods discovered along the journey.

Most challenging about running my own business:

Balancing a creative drive and a “life” outside of work. It’s a battle, but it has become very important to me to manage my time better and realize the difference between the essential and non-essential. It’s easy to fall into a hole of never ending to-dos when you work from home because it’s always present till you consciously make the effort to put it aside.

Most rewarding about managing my own business:

Seeing something I work hard at developing, grow and prosper is very rewarding. But also, the fact that I am able to manage my own time is wonderful. I love having the flexibility to make time for family and travel whenever I choose.

What do I like to do on my days off:

I enjoy spending down time with my family and pets, usually outside. A trip to Jupiter’s dog beach is always a good time!

What living person do you most admire:

I am blessed to have lots of truly admirable and wonderful people in my life, even just here locally. All of them for various reasons, so much that it’s hard to name just one, either within or outside of my life circle.

Where can we find Sarah LaPierre online:

You can find more information about me and my artwork online at however the best way to see what’s new or upcoming is to follow my social accounts @thickpaint on Instagram and on Facebook @Sarah LaPierre-Artist

Any upcoming events you would like to share with us?

I’ll be showing at my last festival of the spring season this weekend at SunFest in West Palm Beach May 5th-7th! After that keep and eye out for upcoming events with my new gallery representation Ready2Hang Art in Downtown Abacoa (Jupiter).


Thank you for sharing your story and your images, Sarah!

As always, thanks for reading the blog, friends!

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Jupiter Local Gift Giving Guide 2016



Welcome to the 2nd Annual Jupiter Local Gift Giving Guide!

It’s been really fun doing the “Meet The Local” blog interviews for the last couple of years. I’m feeling pretty lucky with all the incredibly talented locals I’ve met! I want to do all I can to help our local entrepreneurs, so I’m continuing the Gift Guide tradition! It’s so important for all of us to help our Local Economy and support our fabulous local business owners. Lucky for us we have some really amazing shopping choices in our area. I’ve put together a list of some of my favorites, so…here you go!

Gifts With Style


South Florida based designer, Alexandra Gioia, pronounced joy-a, began designing jewelry for friends and family and launched her line in 2012. Alexandra Gioia features a variety of natural elements to create unique jewelry and gifts. From bold to dainty, each handcrafted piece is designed by Alexandra with the everyday woman in mind. Visit and see her whole collection of beautiful things designed & crafted in Jupiter, Florida! Follow this link if you’d like to meet her in person at one of these local events:



IleenGirl is a unique boutique in Jupiter. Located in Downtown Abacoa. The owner, Ashley, designs and manufactures all the clothing in the shop! She carries a wide selection of items— chic, minimal, simple and wearable designs. Dressy items for special occasions and daily wear. Keep up to date with new arrivals and featured events in the shop by following the ILEENgirl’s updates.



Unhinged Boutique was born with the vision of looking beautiful while making a difference in the community.  After losing her mother to breast cancer in 2013 she left her office job and seeked out to start a business that she was passionate about. Unhinged Boutique gives back 5% of their profits to Blue Water Babes which helps women in Palm Beach County struggling financially due to breast and ovarian cancer.

Unhinged Boutique has been in business over 2 years now and carries a wide variety of women’s clothing and locally made accessories. From gorgeous suede cocktail dresses to lacey blouses, the clothing is always feminine and classic for the everyday women.

You can find Unhinged Boutique at just about any trunk show and popping up at a happy hour here and there, but shopping online with free shipping is always the way to go!  Fast shipping and affordable clothing it’s a quick and fun shopping experience.  Looking to try things on?  Unhinged Boutique now sells inside Savannah Nail Bar and keeps a variety of jewelry inside their sister location, Savannah Charm. Both stores will be located side by side in Tequesta starting January 2017. Visit


For The Happy Home


M&M Studios has been a Jupiter Local business for over 30 years! Experts in Custom Picture Framing & Fine Art Printing, they also have an entire gallery full of locally made artisan gifts, local art and other unique items for everyone on your gift giving lists! Their friendly staff can help you with all your gift giving needs. They are offering free gift wrapping too! Stop in today and tell them Nicole sent you.



Flower and Fringe is a small boutique design shop. We offer holiday decorating for your home or office. We also offer floral design workshops which make a great gift to give someone or fun activity for yourself. We are accepting orders now for holiday centerpieces, wreaths and succulent gardens. Our designs are unique and organic in style. We wish you a joyful holiday season! Visit to order your gorgeous Floral Arrangements and see a list of upcoming Holiday Events.


Gifts With Taste


The Family Secrets Cookbook was written by Jupiter local Katie Choy. With the help of her husband & children she brought to life all of her Mother In Law’s family recipes. Lucky Us! If you haven’t tried Peruvian food yet, you don’t know what you are missing! With an unexpected blend of Incan and Cantonese flavors, Peruvian food hits your taste buds full force, and once you try it, you’ll be hooked. The spices will wake you up, and the preparation methods are both startling and amazingly simple in most cases. Think you know how to stir-fry? Think again! Katie will take you step-by-step through more than 50 authentic recipes, from easy, everyday meals to elaborate dinners. Family Secrets is far more than a cookbook; it is a celebration of family mealtime. These meals are not only meant to be eaten together, but created together. Start your own amazing mealtime moments by taking your family and friends on a culinary journey to Peru! Visit to order a book for yourself and everyone else on your list too!



All of the taste none of the Junk! Bianca’s Brazilian Bites are all natural gourmet cookies and treats. Made with no flour, no refined sugar added, no eggs, no butter or unhealthy oils added. Our scrumptious all natural, gluten-free, no-GMO bites are baked fresh daily with no preservatives or additives. A promise to win your heart and your taste buds. Your body says thank you: finally a healthy cookie that tastes amazing. Send some to everyone on your list!



Dreamallows are a unique and succulent treat that will go perfectly with your holiday celebration.  Whether it is to pass them around or putting them in stockings, these handcrafted stuffed marshmallows are sure to delight and wow your family and friends.  Order Dreamallows today at and be sure to follow them on instagram to find us at local events during this holiday season!


Visit some past blog posts for even more of my favorite local businesses. They all have so many lovely things to offer!

As a Jupiter local myself I understand the importance of supporting our little community. Don’t forget, for every $100 spent at local businesses, $68 gets back to the community! That’s an amazing number! So PLEASE shop local and shop small this Holiday Season. It’s good for ALL of us!

As always, thanks for reading the blog, friends! I hope your Holidays are Merry & Bright! Are you or someone you know thinking of buying or selling a home in the Jupiter area? Have questions on how to even begin? I’d LOVE for you to Contact Me! Let me help you have an enjoyable real estate experience! ❤️ Nicole





Meet Jupiter Local R. H. Ferriell – Author

We’ve (finally) got some real fall weather headed our way, so it’s the perfect time to introduce you all to today’s talented and creative Jupiter Local, R. H. Ferriell.

Rebecca Holden is a Children’s Book author that lives right here in Jupiter, Florida. I’m so happy she agreed to share her story on the blog!



Tell us a little about yourself

My name is Rebecca Holden and I was raised in lovely Louisville KY. I moved down to West Palm Beach after getting married in 2012 and now we live in Jupiter. While I could never have imagined living in FL, here I am and Jupiter is really charming. It’s a full house we live in… With two young girls, two dogs, one cat, three fish there is rarely a dull moment. During the summer my stepson and stepdaughter come to stay as well, and watching them all together is really sweet.

When did you start writing and who/what was the inspiration behind starting your first book?

Words have always been amazingly important to me, and writing is something my family has always suggested I try. Getting married and moving was a huge, bittersweet step for me. It was in a very joyful time, so much happiness but I left all my friends and my entire family. I thought I would try honoring them all by actually trying what they had always wanted me to do. Throughout the story are hints of friends and family and personal memories. I even tapped one of my very talented cousins for the illustrations.

detail-1 detail-2

How many book have you written?

This is my very first attempt at publishing a story, but I do have a second ‘Mrs. Julie’ story mostly written, in case this goes well. This one is Halloween themed, so it has a very limited time of year for selling. This next one is much less holiday specific.

What is you latest book title who/what was the inspiration behind it’s story?

‘Mrs. Julie’s Pumpkin’ is my first story. It was inspired by my friends and family, and a deep love for the fall season and its holidays.

What do you find most challenging about writing?

Most challenging to actually writing the story, I would have to say creating a character others will want to relate to, or remember, maybe even recognize in their own lives. Setting the scene was easy, I just tapped into so many memories of my own. In addition to that, I have always been really very shy and do not like to be in the spotlight much. The success of this story, in a large part will my depend on my getting out there. Always a work in progress for me, but things like this interview are a great way for me to work on that.

What is the most rewarding thing about writing?

Like I said, I love words. In a time of ‘OMG’ and ‘LOL’ I fear actual words lose their relevance. I don’t use elaborate wording, but it’s not dumbed down either. If a child can see how wonderfully words can create something memorable and beautiful with words, perhaps they too will come to love words and language as much as I do.


What do you do on your days off?

First and foremost, I am a mother. When the girls are at school, I spend quite a bit of time at a local barn where I board my horse (another new adventure for me) and trying to learn there. It’s amazing to connect with an animal that is so large (just under a solid ton), she trusts me and I trust her. The barns can be very physical too, it helps keep me active.

How do you juggle writing & family?

Not a difficult task for me. After the girls go to sleep, I have hours to think about characters and lessons I want to express through the pages.

iceland us

Where can we find your books online?

This book is currently available on and through the publisher at In addition, I have an authors page through Facebook, R. H. Ferriell. Hopefully it will reach some of the local bookstores soon.

Thank you for sharing your story, Rebecca!

As always, thanks for reading the blog, friends!

Don’t forget,

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